- These trips are available one time only and can be arranged upon arrival. 

- All boat transportation is weather permitting.
- No Substitutions

*   You need to pay $20 US/each person marine park fee (11 years and older)


Our wonderful boat crew will take your group on a once in a lifetime snorkeling tour of Hol Chan Marine Reserve* and Shark & Ray Alley. We will also take your group out for half day Reef Fishing. 



No vacation in Belize is complete without experiencing at least one of our mainland adventures.
The diversity in Belize is so extensive that you can go from exploring ancient Mayan temples in the jungle one day to uncovering the shades of blue on the Belize Barrier Reef the next. 
We offer a wide variety of tours that range from thrilling and exhilarating to peaceful and relaxing. Explore Belize through the eyes of our skilled local guides and have an unBelizable vacation! 


The Mayans are the oldest classical civilizations of Meso-America

and remain a prominent part of Belize’s culture in terms of archaeology,

food, and farming. Originating in the Yucatan around 2600 B.C.,

the Mayan civilization rose to prominence around 250 A.D.

Belize was believed to be at the hub of the Mayan Empire and

thus presents a unique look into that time period.

These ancient Mayan civilizations are famous for building elaborate

and highly decorated ceremonial structures, including temples for

worship, palaces, and observatories. Today, a few of these historical Mayan temples are still some of the tallest structures in Belize!

The most popular Mayan Ruins are Lamanai, Xunantunich, Chal Pech, Caracol, Altun Ha.


There are so many fun things to do in Belize, but cave tubing is one of the most popular Belize tourist attractions. Who wouldn’t want to sit in an inner tube and float through some Belize caves?

The Maya believed that rivers were the route to the underworld or

Xibalba. For them, the underworld was more like a hidden realm

than a “hell.” Cenotes and rivers could provide access to the great

network of rivers beneath the surface where their gods lived.

There were celestial gods, too, but these were accessed differently.

They made offerings and sacrifices in many of the caves in the region.

They weren’t limestone tubing, of course, they would walk/wade/swim

into the caves. As a severe drought persisted, they made

more and more sacrifices in a desperate attempt to encourage the gods to make it rain. In a lot of the caves, especially the ATM cave, you can see the bones of the sacrifice victims.

Adventure through the mysterious darkness of the                                                                                                    Mayan underworld as you cave tube through                                                                                                            Belize rivers and zip-line through the jungle.

There are a lot of caves in Belize

(and the whole Yucatan Peninsula) thanks to the

karst landscape of abundant limestone.

You can explore Belize’s caves on foot, in canoes,

half-swimming, and by horseback. 


Horseback riding allows you to discover and explore nature with a sense of timeless freedom and exhilaration. Our experienced guides will take you on a relaxed horseback ride to local citrus orchards, into the rainforest, and through small creeks and rivers. The magnificent beauty and skill of the rehabilitated horses enables riders of all ages and experience levels to have fun and enjoy nature.

You can combine a Mayan Ruin with cave tubing and/or Zip Lining

combo. Or you can just do cave tubing with a zip lining excursion.

We have a lot of combinations for daily mainland tours that

you can choose from.

Please contact us for pricing and alternative daily tours and schedules.



All tours are minimum 4 people except Caye Caulker.

Mexico Rocks

Enjoy a guided tour around our local Marine Reserve Mexico Rocks.

Only a 5 minute boat ride away and you can expect to see Lobster,

Moray Eels and our resident turtle named Tequila.
$60 Per Person

Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark & Ray Alley, Lunch

and Sightseeing on Caye Caulker (Full Day)
Enjoy a guided snorkel tour around the famous Hol Chan Marine

Reserve and Shark & Ray Alley. We stop by our sister island

giving you time to get lunch** and to have a look around.

We then meet back on the boat to drive around the island where you

can see and feed huge schools of Tarpon hanging out in shallow water

as well as some Seahorse in a little fish nursery and a little tour around

the mangrove forests of Ambergris Caye looking for Iguanas and

other wildlife.

*For our guest groups; Upgrade with only $70 PP your FREE Hol Chan tour.

Min. 6 people.
**Lunch is not included in the packages

Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark & Ray Alley, Coral Gardens Snorkeling and Lunch on Caye Caulker (Full Day)
After your guided snorkel tour around around the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark & Ray Alley we head to Caye Caulker where you can enjoy lunch** in one of the beach front restaurants. Back on the boat, we then head around the island to see the Tarpon, Pelicans and Seahorses before continuing on to Coral Gardens for some more snorkeling. On the way back we go through the mangrove forests of Ambergris Caye looking for Iguanas and other wildlife.
*For our guest groups; Upgrade with only $60 PP your FREE Hol Chan tour. Min. 6 people.
**Lunch is not included in the packages

Local Reef fishing, Northern Ambergris Caye
Enjoy a half day fishing on the reef. Expect to catch Snapper, Grunt,

Grouper and Triggerfish. Watch our skilled tour guide catch Sardines in the

shallows with a throw net before heading out to the reef.

Cook your catch yourself or relax and let El Norte bar cook you up a feast. 

$350 Per Boat 

Open Sea fishing, Northern Ambergris Caye (Full Day)
First we take you to the inner reef where you can expect to catch

Snapper, Grunt and Grouper. Then head to the outer reef and aim

to catch Barracuda and bigger size Grouper.

Cook your catch yourself or relax and let El Norte bar cook you up

a feast for dinner.
$650 Per Boat

Local Reef Lobster/Conch hunting*
Snorkel inside the reef with our skilled tour guide. Hunt for Lobster with a Hawaiian sling

and look for Conch to collect. The staff at El Norte bar will then cook you up a feast with

some of their famous Conch ceviche and/or Lobster grill that you freshly caught!
$295 Per Boat
*Lobster and Conch hunting are seasonal

DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING - Provided by No Worries Tours

The chance to try diving in just a few hours. We start with a pool session to learn a few basic skills and get comfortable with the equipment and then we head out for a dive on our house reef. 10 years and older.

SCUBA DIVING (Certified Divers)

1 tank dive trip: $104

2 tank dive trip: $131

3 tank dive trip: $165

Refresher dive: $180


Open Water Course (2-3 days): $540

Advanced Open Water Course (2 days): $450

THE BLUE HOLE - Provided by Amigos Del Mar

This is a ‘must do’ for all you dedicated scuba divers
and hardcore snorkelers out there.
Leaving from town at 6am, you’ll arrive at the Blue Hole at 08.30 for your first dive/snorkel.

You’ll then move on for another 2 stops at Half Moon Caye Wall and Aquarium before heading back to

Ambergris Caye, arriving back at 17.00.
Breakfast, lunch, equipment.

Diving: $355      Snorkeling: $235